Our Wide Range of Healthcare Services

Extensive Wound Care

  • Our extensive wound care program not only heals people suffering from chronic, non-healing, and surgical wounds but also provides education to healthcare professionals who need guidance in understanding wound care.
  • Under the dynamic guidance of a Nurse Practitioner, Certified Wound Specialist, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Safety Director Kimberly Neely, our team performs the task of healing wounds and educating people with great efficiency.
  • At Advanced Health Revision we facilitate our patients by providing them with the option of home visits. By availing of this option patients with chronic wounds can call the wound care experts at their homes for check-ups.

Home Visits

Advance Health Revision has taken a step forward in the field of healthcare and wound management by providing home visit service to patients who are not in a condition to show up at the clinic. Some wounds are more severe and need to be checked live by the experts for proper treatment. Thus this facility can be availed by calling a wound care expert from Advance Health Revision to start the treatment without having to leave the comfort of home.

Diabetic Care and Education

  • Our highly comprehensive diabetic care services educate and train people suffering from the disease by providing them with appropriate diet plans. This diet plan by our expert nutritionists facilitates them in reversing type-2 diabetes effectively. The team at Advanced Health Revision develops this plan with great attention.
  • Our extensive diabetic care and education program can help patients from preventing risks of infections and ulcers including abscess and fournier’s gangrene formation. Moreover, they can reduce the risks of medical complications like heart disease, kidney problems, and different mental health issues.

Availability of Online Sessions

  • Kimberly Neely and other healthcare professionals can provide online inspection sessions via Zoom for patients who cannot visit the clinic or are living in faraway areas.
  • Patients can get consultations and instructions online without leaving the comfort of their homes. They can get wound-care-related advice from our team without any issues.
  • If after an inspection patients feel like getting a consultation about a particular issue, we can arrange a follow-up session for them via Zoom. They can get advice from our staff online.