In-house Wound Care Facilities

Wound Care Training & In-house Facility

At Advance Heath Revision we provide healthcare workers with extensive training that can allow them to setup their wound care facility. The wound care education program facilitates people in learning the skills that can help them heal people’s intense wounds.

The wound care training program is a step further. Through these courses, our team can provide detailed assistance to healthcare workers and hospitals in setting up their own wound care program for people in need of severe help.

How do we help wound care set-ups?

Our wound care setup training involves aid from the experts in the following ways:

  • Our team of experts would travel to the area where the wound care clinic is being set up.
  • They can assist local healthcare staff with the needed supplies for treating patients’ wounds.
  • The team can provide wound care staff with protocols that need to be followed to be effective.
  • Our team can offer these services to Acute Care Facilities, LTACs, and Rehab Hospitals.

Working With Staff For Better Guidance

  • The staff assigned with wound care treatment can receive assistance from our brilliant team in performing their job successfully.
  • Dealing with patients with aggressive wounds can be a hard task. Our expert team can help wound care staff in performing this task.

Some wound care treatments that might need an expert’s guidance when being performed are as follows:

  • Sharp Debridement
  • Skin and Tissue Biopsy
  • Bone Biopsy, Skin Substitutes
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Antibiotic Therapy
  • Collagen Therapy

Additional Facilities And Payment Methods

Our highly advanced wound care training program for nurses and health staff can also supply the following facilities as well on your demand:

  • Our Team can consult on your patients in-house if the staff is unsure of the diagnosis.
  • The payment for such treatment can be made on a per-case basis or can be done on a monthly basis.