Diabetic Education Program

Our Extensive Diabetic Education and Care Program

At Advance Heath Revision, we provide extensive programs to support people who are suffering from diabetes. This program by Advance Heath Revision facilitates patients by educating them about diabetes. Following people can take guidance from our comprehensive project:

  • Health care professionals who need guidance.
  • Patients who themselves have diabetes.
  • People who provide care to diabetic patients

Developing diet plans for the patients

Our nutritionist and diet care experts can supply a diet plan to the patients and their handlers. The instructions provided by professionals from Advance Heath Revision can help them reverse their condition successfully.

Dealing with medical complications

A condition like diabetes brings about many medical complications for patients. Most of the people are not familiar with these complications. Hence health care experts at Advance Heath Revision provide them assistance to deal with issues like:

  • Amputations.
  • Kidney Problems
  • Vision Loss.

Importance of foot examination in diabetes

One of the complications caused due to diabetes is foot-related problems. At Advance Heath Revision our professional workers can provide patients with foot examination services. Poor blood flow and nerve damages often make feet exposed to ulcers and other damages. Hence it’s highly crucial for patients to get their feet examined by healthcare experts to reduce the risks.

Assistance in the prevention of diabetic abscess formation

Abscess formation is a rare kind of foot infection that needs to be removed immediately through surgical drainage. This complication can be severe and can create intense problems. At Advance Heath Revision, we are aware of the problems it can cause. Hence we help our patients to prevent this fatal infection by:

  • Maintaining Foot Hygiene of Patients
  • Keep Their Blood Sugar Under Control
  • Recommending The Right Footwear
  • Making Them Follow a Healthy Diet Plan

Prevention of Fournier’s Gangrene

Though Fournier’s gangrene is a rare condition in diabetes, it can cause serious trouble for patients. Hence it is very important to follow the right measures to prevent this concerning infection. Our professionals educate both the diabetes patients and people managing them effectively to avoid infectious conditions.

Benefits of our effective recommended diet for diabetes

Our highly effective recommended diet by the health care professional and nutritionist helps patients in the following ways:

  • It assists diabetes patients in getting rid of amputations and ulcers.
  • It avoids patients from getting renal problems including kidney failure.
  • Diet by professionals of Advance Heath Revision prevents vision loss.